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Margaret H. Baker has worked in multiple facets of the entertainment industry, striving to create a public platform that celebrates female talent outside of Hollywood’s traditional beauty norm.

After many years of private voice study in her native Washington D.C., Margaret enrolled in the Opera/Vocal Performance program at DePaul University.  Although she enjoyed her studies there, she left after a year, relocating to New York City to pursue acting.  To pay the bills, Margaret worked as a figure model; posing for a variety of well-known artists and photographers.  The "model stand" became her canvas, cultivating further emotional exploration into her unique presence as a professional performer. 

Margaret modeled for Sandy Skoglund’s Shimmering Madness Installation, which was featured as the cover of Photography in New York.  She made the cover again in 2002 with Joni Rodgers' New York Times Bestseller Bald In The Land Of Big Hair.  In 2004, Margaret was featured in Deck Of Cards M.A.C. modeling the body painting designs of Susan Sarandon, Suzan Barsh, and Karim Rashid.  Another opportunity with M.A.C. Cosmetics and Cirque du Soleil's Nathalie Gagne came about a few years later.  In 2007, Margaret worked as the makeup and fit model for the American post-apocalyptic science fiction horror film, I Am Legend.  Gigs at Dreamworks, Disney, and The Animation Guild in Los Angeles followed shortly after.  Margaret's head was featured on the cover of TIME Magazine in 2011, and shortly after as the canvas for the designs of Academy Award winning makeup artist Michele Burke for GEKA.  Los Angeles based artist Van Arno immortalized Margaret for a second time in March 2015 with his painting, Duck Duck Goose.  The first painting done in 2009 was featured as a full spread in Art News.  

In 2002, Margaret had a cameo in Spiderman opposite Lucy Lawless.  Other bit parts followed including the ground breaking episode of Sex And The City, where she plays an enlightened Cancer survivor.  In  2005, Margaret wrote and produced a full-length musical, based on her experience with Alopecia Areata.  My Life As A Bald Soprano premiered Off-Broadway on July 20, 2008 at The June Havoc Theater in New York City.  A year later, Margaret wrote a short film about her love affair with a closeted cross dresser.  The feature length screenplay was selected as a semi-finalist for The 2012 Sundance Film Lab.  Battling anxiety and depression post divorce, Margaret revisited her “hairless roots” transcribing more than sixty interviews conducted with bald women around the world via Skype.  Women Behaving Baldly uncovers the emotional truths of living as a female without hair.  In 2013, she partnered with Executive Producer, Donald G. Glascoff creating Dancing Dragon Films.  Margaret is currently developing Naked - a scripted television series exploring the relationships between Los Angeles artists and their modern day muses.

Merging her talents as writer, producer and performer, Ms. Baker’s work aims to celebrate the human condition at its deepest core.  She continues to serve as an international spokesperson promoting awareness and social change on a variety of platforms.  Margaret is passionate about human rights and an outspoken advocate on Gender Equality and Mental Illness.  She is a regular contributor to Fountain House, which supports New York City residents living with mental illness.

Margaret lives in New York and Los Angeles.